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Using BrightRates is free & will NOT affect your credit score.  

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How BrightRates Works

You apply on BrightRates once, and we instantly scan multiple lenders to see where you can get cash at the most comeptitive interest rate.  

Instantly compare:

  • APR rates
  • Monthly payments
  • Total cost of loan
  • Customer reviews

"I moved my existing debt to a lower interest rate and saved over $200 a month!"

- Tanya, Los Angeles CA

"I used my loan to fix my car.  They made it easy."

- Jen, Houston TX

"My loan helped cover my children's preschool tuition."

- Chris, Cleveland OH

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1. How quickly will you know whether or not you’re approved for a loan?

In most cases, you’ll know immediately! Our technology scans multiple lending partners instantaneously, and then we know which have pre-approved you without you needing to check every website. It is possible that a lender could deny you once you complete the application on its site, but if the information you’ve provided BrightRates is accurate, your pre-approval will typically mean a full approval.

BrightRates Frequently Asked Questions

Money saving updates in your inbox

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2. How quickly will you receive your money?

The vast majority of our lending partners make final lending decisions in hours and can deposit money directly into your checking account. Meaning, you could have your funds for use in as little as 24-48 hours.

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3. What interest rate will you get?

The main factors that impact this are your credit score, the amount of money you need, and the length of time in which you choose to pay it back. Assuming that it’s an unsecured loan, rates can start as low as 6% and increase to 25% or more. Once you apply on BrightRates, our technology will work to connect you with the best lending partner.

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4. Does BrightRates operate in your state?

Yes. BrightRates operates in all 50 states with lending partners who fund loans in all 50 states. We currently operate only the United States of America.

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5. Who are BrightRates’ lending partners?

BrightRates works with reputable and financially secure lending partners for personal loans, mortgages and student loans. Each of our participating lending partners undergoes a rigorous screening process and agrees to BrightRates service level standards.

6. Does BrightRates service your loan?

No. BrightRates is not a lender itself. Our service is to help you make the right decision in finding the best lender. You can always call or email us and a loan specialist will be happy to 

7. How much does it cost to use BrightRates?

BrightRates is completely free to use. We are paid a placement fee by lending partners should you elect to close. We also make some money from banner ads and affiliate ads that you may see on the website.

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